At Marlo Logging safety takes priority over everything else. Marlo Logging is proud to be in good standing with WorkSafe BC and to be a SAFE company, The SAFE (Safety Accord Forestry Enterprise) company certification is designed to evaluate safety programs using industry recognized audit protocols and encourage improvement on safety performance. SAFE certified companies are audited on a yearly basis. Learn more about our commitment to safety here.



Marlo Logging Ltd. /Godsoe Contracting Ltd. is committed to providing and maintaining

a safe work place. Our safety program objectives are to eliminate and/or control the hazards that

may compromise the safety of any Marlo Logging/Godsoe Contracting employee and work site.

Marlo Logging Ltd. /Godsoe Contracting Ltd. will ensure that all workers are adequately

trained to perform the job for which they are hired in a safe manner. All workers will be

responsible for carrying out their job in a safe manner and have the right to refuse to do any work

that they have not been adequately trained for or will compromise the safety of them or any person.

Professional Services

Low Bedding – Road building

Tree Harvesting – Land Clearing

Private Timber Marking